A New Website

Hello and welcome to the new website! The club has gone from strength to strength and it was time that the Club had a website to reflect this. I want to spend a little while to go through what's new and what to expect as more content is added!

Widgets... Widgets Everywhere

One thing that immediately will jump out is the inclusion of dynamic widgets, giving upcoming games as well as (hopefully) useful information!

Team Pages

Each of the Centurions team has a new page just for their results and fixtures.

Stepps - Demystified

Each of the matches will have a map showing exactly when and where to go!

Coming Soon (Hopefully)

More information on rules and hand signals

Better images TBC!

Individual performance metrics (scores and numbers of appearances)

With dummy information of course

Information on the committee and coaches

And that's it (for now!) Any bugs or suggestions can be sent to me directly - and I hope you all enjoy the changes!

Tom Phillips
Tom Phillips

Website Admin