Northern League – Venus Roundup

What a cracking day of touch! 5 games, 5 victories and lots of silverware - what more could we ask for?!

Whilst there were some great individual performances out there, the only reason we won was through every player in the team putting in maximum effort, staying positive and learning from mistakes. We played some really experienced teams and everyone should be proud of what we achieved.

Our line defence was a real success - we communicated really well in this area and everyone knew their roles and what was expected of them. What impressed me most though was our attack - we scored tries doing sweeps, one-balls, punish, long passes out to the winger, from tap-off plays and from subbing on - we showed we aren't a one-dimensional team and can score from different situations.

Our most improved player went to Dougie - it was your first proper tournament and really progressed through the day (and you didn't get injured!!). You executed moves really well, had a strong defence and played a big part in your set.

Our most valuable player went to Jack McComb - you started your first game with a hat-trick of tries and played as if you were a veteran of many a tournament!

A shout out to birthday boy and captain David who kept us playing simple touch which is just what we needed in those conditions.

Also - well done to Lucy and player No 8 for tournament MVP awards! (it's almost rude how much silverware we won!) ??

A final well done to everyone for a great day of touch. You put in a great shift, not only on Saturday but also during training over the weeks building up to the tournament. This is one of our first tournament victories for our club and provides a great platform for us to keep training, developing our skills, increasing our fitness, coming together as a team and showing what we can achieve as a club for the upcoming season!

Northern Cup – Venus

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