Doddie Aid Challenge

A number of our Centurions took part in the Doddie’s Active Inter-District Challenge throughout January and early February.  

Doddie’s Active Inter-District Challenge was a mass participation exercise event which ran from 1st January to the 6th of February which also doubled as a fundraising event to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Participants each chose a district based on location, the different districts were The South, Edinburgh, Glasgow, North & Midlands and Scottish Exiles

Every time a participant logged any exercise/miles they were added to each districts total and the District who logged the most miles by the end of 6th January would be declared the #DoddieAID Inter-District champions.

Chris, Donna, Kathleen and Dougie were among the Centurions to take part as for the Glasgow District with Dougie managing to lead the way with 317 miles with Kathleen also logging 125 miles. 

Unfortunately, Glasgow District came last in total miles logged but not in funds raised with an amazing total of £197,360.  

Glasgow's Miles Logged
Glasgow's Total Raised

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