The touch positions

Your team coaches will let you know which position they feel suits you best however here is a quick guide to the skills and attributes for each touch position.


The middles are positioned in the middle of the field, between the two Links.

The middle seems to be the hardest in terms of defence because it is important to try and ‘shut down’ the opposition. In attack the Middles are often the ones to drive the team forward and getting the team near to the scoring zone.


Middles Key Roles

  • Rucking/driving the ball down the field in attack
  • Closing down the defence


Middles Physical Attributes

  • Aerobically Fit (usually the fittest members of the team)
  • Fast response and reaction skills
  • High work rate


Middles Core Game Skills

  • Knowledge of rucking patterns
  • Good Ball Skills
  • Strong defender
  • Quick organiser
  • Strong communicator


The Links are positioned in between the Wings and the Middles.

The links are the players who often create the opportunities for other players in attack. In defence Links are critical in controling the wings and middles so they are properly positioned and aligned.


The Links Key Roles

  • Performing line attack moves and setting up scores
  • Controlling the defensive line


Links Physical Attributes

  • Quick acceleration
  • Evasive – a great stepper
  • Great hands


Links Core Game Skills

  • Game anticipation
  • Knowledge of line attack moves
  • Ability to find and hit gaps
  • Ability to run into gaps
  • Strong communicator


The Wings are the two outermost players, on either side of the field. In attack, they should be near to the sidelines, whilst in defence can move inwards more.

Usually the finishers of the team and whom normally score the most touchdowns in a game.


Wings Key Roles

  • Scoring touchdowns
  • Defending, not letting the attacking players score outside of them


Wings Physical Attributes

  • Fast (usually the fastest members of the team)
  • Reliable ball catcher
  • Good anticipation


Wings Core Game Skills

  • Good defender
  • Loud communicator
  • Anticipation for the ball
  • Supportive


Information courtesy of www.touchdump.com