The 2017/18 Glasgow Centurions Committee was voted in at the clubs AGM on Saturday the 16th of September 2017. The following are the 2017/18 committee members and descriptions for each of their roles:-

Chairperson – Adam Brown

The Chairperson’s role covers the following:-

  • Providing vision and direction for the club
  • Providing support to the committee members
  • Chairing meetings
  • Ensuring matters are efficiently dealt with
  • Bringing impartiality and objectivity to the decision making process
  • Representation of the club when dealing with local and national agencies at external meetings and events

You can contact the Chairperson at chairperson@centurionstouch.co.uk

Secretary – David Lough

The Secretary’s role covers the following:-

  • Scheduling dates for committee meetings
  • Ensuring meetings are effectively organised through agendas and documented through minutes
  • Dealing with internal and external communications
  • Relaying to the committee any communications received

You can contact the Secretary at secretary@centurionstouch.co.uk

Treasurer – Robert Laing

The Treasurer’s role covers the following:-

  • A general oversight of the clubs finances including cash and bank account
  • The administration of club membership and fees
  • Paying of tournament and league entry fees
  • Responsibility for fundraising and seeking new sponsorship
  • Responsibility for the purchasing/ordering of new equipment/kit etc.

You can contact the Treasurer at treasurer@centurionstouch.co.uk

Social Secretary – Jen Brown

The Social Secretary’s role covers the following:-

  • Organising social events
  • Promotion of social events
  • Communication with current social sponsors
  • Promotion of positive relationships within the club
  • General health and wellbeing of club members

You can contact the Social Secretary at socialsecretary@centurionstouch.co.uk

Lay Members – Laila Hassan, Shannon Anderson & Kathleen Wallace

There are an additional three lay members of the committee. These members will be expected to:-

  • Attend committee meetings
  • Provide input to items discussed on the agenda
  • Communicate the teams opinions
  • Support the club through a variety activities designed to promote and grow the club
  • Provide support to the committee members as and when required

You can contact the committee in general at committee@centurionstouch.co.uk